XL bean bag chair in yellow


(BGN91.67 за бр.)

Big bean bag pear chair in yellow color.

Yellow color

A comfortable big bean bag that can be used as a stylish accessory in your garden or home. Made of waterproof and washable material. The bean bag chair has a standard interior lining.

High-density steriophoric granules (32 kg / m3) are used as fillers.

It is recommended that products are not exposed to uninterrupted sunlight in terms of protection of color integrity.

Water resist.

Material: waterproof polyester fabric

Yellow color


Base diameter: 80 cm.

Upper diameter: 23 cm

Rear altitude: 110 cm.

Seat surface: 156 cm.

Environment: 300 cm.

Weight: 4750 g (+/- 5%)


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